Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gathering the Lambs

Good Afternoon Friends,
It’s been a while, since I’ve checked-in! Been busy with family and my Etsy shop. And, what a blessing it is to be busy! Today, I’m bringing a simple Scripture to you:

Isaiah 40:11
He shall gather the lambs with his arm....

Oh, what a wonderful verse to write upon your heart!  Everyday we hear disheartening news and witness calamity. How should we proceed? What should we do? We should proceed in prayer and listen to whatever the Lord places upon our hearts. Sometimes, we may think we are not doing enough, saying enough or being enough. But, the Lord knows exactly where you are and what you need to do. He knows his Lambs and they know his voice(John 10:27). Be the beacon of light that your family, friends and neighbors need. Speak peace and love. Yes, it is that simple! Your love sends ripples of love throughout the world!!!! Just to be shown love and acceptance by another, is doing God’s work. He will lead you and guide you as you walk through this journey called life. So, walk confidently, full of prayer and praise, especially in the midst of chaos. 

May the Lord be with you!

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