Monday, November 1, 2010

Just the Beginning!

Hello Friends!
It feels good to have my first blog and first post.  I went back and forth about starting a blog and just decided that it was now or never. I've even changed this post 2 times;-) Every morning, I begin my day by seeking His Word and asking for guidance. This routine is what sets my perspective for the day. Monday's reading from Our Daily Bread, also prompted me to begin my blog. The topic: Stockpiling or Storing? Jennifer Benson Schuldt, the author of this particular article writes,  "We're born empty-handed and we leave the world the same way." As we think about these words, we should try to apply it to our lives. What are we doing, right now? Are we using the gifts He has given us? We just have to pick-up where we are, and start using our gifts. There will never be "a best time" to get started because something or someone will always be in our way. So, step over it or around them, and just start. We may stumble and fall while we are using our gifts, but who cares? Stumble, fall, brush yourself off and keep on moving.  Therefore, this blog and my writings are a baby step in that direction. Be Blessed.
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