Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Offended by Jesus

Good Morning Saints!
It is cold, here in Denver, this morning! Today, during my reading, I came across Matthew 11: 6-“And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.”  To think that we would be offended by Him...  At first, I thought about how ungrateful and ignorant people were to be offended by Someone who was healing, preaching, and bringing togetherness to the people. But, after more reading and meditation, placing myself in their shoes, I found it not so crazy, after all. Take this scenario into consideration:

On Thursday morning, everyone arrived at Dillon High School to find that their principal, Mr. Always, was ill and would be gone for several weeks.  A new principal, Mr. New, was taking over in his absence.  Well, naturally, everyone was a little suspicious of Mr. New, for Mr. Always had been there since they could remember.  Mr. New talked to everyone! He didn't have any history with the teachers and everyone had a clean slate and a voice. He began to change the way business was handled and people began smiling, laughing and accepting each other.  Now, the "old order" didn't like the way Mr. New was treating everyone, as though they were all equal.  You see, many of them had been there since the opening of the school and felt that with all this joy and change, people wouldn't get their jobs done properly. Soon, they began a petition to have Mr. New removed. Those that had been satisfied and happy, felt pressured by the "old order" to sign the petition even though they liked Mr. New. Eventually, Mr. New was moved to another school. However, Mr. Always never returned, deciding to take early retirement.  In fact, Dillon High was assigned a new principal, Mr. My Way.;-)

We are often like the "old order"  at Dillon High, wanting things to stay the way they have always been. But, when Christ came to us, He came with hope, love, healing, and forgiveness.  Now, this may sound wonderful and it is wonderful! But, take into consideration how the "old order" must have felt with this New Upstart creating new joy and hope in their house. They were in charge of joy, not Him! Yep, that's the way we look at things and we are very possessive of our environment, whether it's at home, work or play.  Sometimes, we just have to let go and let God have His way, for we tend to be shortsighted, fearful and messy.
Good Day Saints!
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