Monday, November 29, 2010

Praying for Our World Leaders

Good Morning Saints!
I hope you had a great weekend! I continued to work on my creations, trying to perfect and better what I bring your way in my Ebay store. This morning, I'm thinking about prayer and how it affects our lives. I know that those who are reading my blog, most likely, believe in prayer. Do you ever pray for the world leaders? I think that we sometimes forget that these are the people that really need our prayers and well-wishes even if they don't  know it or want it;-) If we believe in the power of prayer, we need to pray for the people who make decisions that affect our daily lives. We don't necessarily have to agree with them, but we should be praying for them-asking the Lord to guide them. There have been presidents, congressmen and world leaders that I've disagreed with, but I've still prayed for them. Let's pull together, as believers, no matter what our political beliefs and pray fervently for our world leaders.  They need it, whether they know it or not!

Craft(s) for the Day
This set of Christmas cards was developed this weekend. Santa has glitter of his hat and each card is loaded with embellishments!  Only 26 days 'til Christmas!

Now, these cute coasters were already in my collection.  They are made from card stock, decorative paper, thermal laminate and cork.  I have different sets of these coasters listed  in my store.  They are about 4.25" X4.25"(inches) and are a great portable coaster for home or the workplace. Create your own holiday cheer by taking these to work! 

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