Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Restored, Rebuilt, Reconnected!

Good Morning Saints,
It's a privilege to be writing this morning! I feel like I've been rebuilt and I am thankful. All day long, I ask to be restored, rebuilt, and reconnected to His Word.  We all need daily, hourly, minute-by-minute communion with the Lord. But, we must ASK! Just do it!

Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time perfecting my eBay listings and thinking about the kind of materials I should be bringing your way.  I'm always trying to improve and perfect my crafts. But, sometimes, it's okay to leave them the way they are...the way God gave them to you...the way they first came to your heart. For instance, do you remember the wonderful and heart-soaring feeling from your first acceptance of the Lord.  It was great and sometimes, we want that feeling back. When I'm feeling like this, I listen to J. Moss' Restored. This beautiful song helps me to recognize my rewards and feel restored.  Today, I'm bringing you a few Christmas coasters that I created.  They are simple and sweet, featuring an African American Mr. and Mrs. Claus. These coasters are easy to slip into your briefcase or purse and take to the office for an immediate "lift." I've also created several God-centered plastic coasters, too--of course, you knew this;-) Check them out when you have time.  Be blessed, restored and rebuilt!. Blessings!

These cute little coasters are available in my etsy and eBay shops. Enjoy!

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