Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Be Healed, Lord...

Good Morning Saints,
I have had this topic on my heart for the last few years. Of course, writing about it and thinking about it, are two different things. Thinking is personal and can be contained to an audience of you and God. Writing is open and allows the world a glimpse into your soul.  Well, take a glimpse....

Several years ago, I had an opportunity to work with a person who used psychological brutality to beat and defeat others. This was very hard for me to take, and especially difficult to watch when it happened to others. I felt that it was okay for me, but not for others. To make a long story short, this situation took its toll on my life, even after I was removed from the situation. Removal is just the beginning of your healing. To actually heal, you must go back over the situation and think about what you coulda' woulda', and shoulda'  done differently. This gives you ownership of the situation. Next, you have to take all of the, "I would do this, differently" scenarios and place them upon His altar. Why? Well,  the "coulda', woulda', shoulda'," will eat you alive, but it's something you have to go through. When it has been placed upon His altar, you have to leave it there and stop pulling it off into your lap, again. For, soon it will be sacrificed and your soul will find an unprecedented peace--a peace beyond being removed from the situation; a peace beyond feeling guilty for not doing more; a peace beyond leaving others behind; even a peace beyond forgiveness---just this undeniable and unerring peace beyond your understanding. You'll just know that it is yours. You'll know that this kind of peace can only come from God. Then, you can move forward with the healing process and begin to listen more intently to the Lord and His direction. You can finally wipe the mud from your eyes, (just like the blind man who was healed when Jesus placed the healing mud upon his eyes) and see the situation and your new path from the mountaintop. So, go ahead and lament, cry, feel guilty, run-away, hide....  After all, you are human and, guess what? God knows it and still loves you. Just don't forget to hold fast to His hand during your lost time, for the Lord can and will hold you like no other person or thing. Stay steeped in His Word and Presence, as you travel your road to healing, for it will be worth the trip. Amen and Blessings!

Your change will come!

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