Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Should I Help You?

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Good Morning Saints!
     This weekend, I had the opportunity to help someone in need. Now, this person did not ask for help, but acted as though she expected me to reject her. Here's the scoop: On  a routine visit to the grocery store, I returned to my car to find a mom and her kids parked in front of me with the hood of their car raised.  The mom stood in front of her car with her arms folded and just looked at me. Now, is that any way to behave when you need help? Anyway, I asked if she needed help. Instantly, her expression, body language, and everything about her changed. She was so happy and relieved. Maybe she was used to people saying no. Maybe she was too embarrassed to ask. Maybe...I don't know. She thanked me for the "jump" and we parted ways. As I drove home, I thought better of the situation, thinking this could have been a set-up, a scam, a dangerous situation. Yet, I knew exactly what to do.  This was not of me, but of the Holy Spirit, as I have a suspicious nature.

     Now, how many times does the Lord help us? Aren't we, sometimes, like the mom with her arms folded, in dire need of assistance, but either too stubborn, too afraid or too proud to ask? Let's look at others the way we know the Lord looks at us--with an outstretched hand and compassion. Ask the Lord to help you in discerning your circumstances and situations and you will be led before you know what's happening.  He is real. Blessings!

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