Friday, December 10, 2010

By Thought, Word, and Deed

 Mornin' Saints,
Happy Friday! Today, I would like to discuss the importance of keeping our lives in tact by balancing our thoughts, words, and deeds. It's very easy to say the right thing, but is more difficult to keep "what's right" in your thoughts and deeds. You see, because we are human, we allow people to get under our skin and sometimes, we react foolishly. It's difficult but we have to keep our minds set to match our words and deeds.  The other day, I encountered a person who always has a negative and challenging attitude. I said a small quick prayer before opening my mouth to comment on their words.  This really helped! Prayer works! Instead of giving a quick blow-for-blow comment, I simply told them exactly what I felt in a polite, but totally truthful and matter-of-fact tone.  After a bit of silence, this person no longer wanted to complain/argue and made an excuse to leave my presence. Now, why hadn't I done this long ago?! Now, I know that I will not always remember to control my thoughts, words, and deeds, but this is definitely a beginning. I started with a clean thought and a word of prayer, which ended in a deed of truth and driving-away an unwanted attitude. Let's all try to do this.  It works, saints!

Crafts for the Day
Painted, decoupaged and varnished tile coasters.

This is a set of coasters and one of my original prayers. I created these
for someone who wanted to give a unique gift to her best friend.  Blessings!

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