Friday, December 3, 2010

He's Written Upon Your Heart!

Good Morning Saints!
I feel blessed to be able to write to you this morning. Today's topic, "He's Written Upon Your Heart," was inspired by the Daily Bread title, "God's Signature." As Christians, we know that Lord loves us and created every fiber of our being. Every little quirky and odd personality trait is His signature! Now, we can take these oddities and differences and feel "less" than those around us or we can celebrate our differences and feel "blessed" to be His unique creation. Life is full of beautiful people and beautiful personalities, so we must pray and meditate, asking Him to open our eyes to what is "good," for it is so easy to recognize and concentrate on the "bad." After all, our daily newspapers and news channels constantly capitalize upon the illnesses of our world. We must find balance and realize that everything He created is good(Genesis 1:27-31). Let's celebrate our days by shifting our perspective from "negative" to "positive."  Remember, the Lord has claimed you, writing His Word upon your heart. There's so much beauty in His creations---we don't want to miss it! Blessings!

Craft(s) for Today
 Ceramic coasters--set of 3--little reminders of our faith!

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