Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Get Joy!!!

Good Morning Saints!
Coko's song, "I Get Joy," is on my heart this morning.  Take a listen! It's such an uplifting, upbeat and beautiful song. I really try to listen to the lyrics, as any song can have a fantastic beat, but not speak to the heart and soul. Today, I'd like to discuss the lifting of our hearts and souls through the rain of life.  And, believe me,  there is lots of rain;-) This has been my heart for quite some time.  We must continuously lift ourselves to the anointing of the Lord, for our lives are full of nonessential and soul-stealing activities.  How many things do we do and say during the day that bring about negative thoughts and consequences? Just take a few minutes to think about this.... The answer is, "many"...Many unnecessary or without-purpose words and thoughts. How do we clean it up? It can be done, but it "ain't" easy. From experience, I believe it is necessary to pray, meditate, stay in the Word, and ask for His guidance, continuously. Some days this proves to be a huge task, as we have "things" to do before we begin our day.  Well, our meditation on Him has to be placed at the forefront of our important and hectic day, in order for us to get all of the blessings and joy that God has to offer. I hope you have a blessed day! Don't forget to listen to Coko's cut! blessings!

Scripture for the Day
Luke 1:46-47
Mary’s Song
 46 And Mary said:
   “My soul glorifies the Lord
 47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior...

Craft for the Day
Faith, Illumination and Receive Bookmarks

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