Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Struggle to Love, Unselfishly

Good Morning Saints!
Today's topic, "Struggling to Love, Unselfishly," came to me after reading 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13. It's a short and lovely chapter. Oh, I have read this chapter so many times. But, every time I read it, I come away with a different perspective--"something new" to add to my life and "something old/rotten" to take out of my life. I tend to read this chapter frequently because I feel that I struggle to love people who are mean and cruel. But, Saints, who needs our love and understanding the most? Who may have missed-out on love and understanding growing up? Who is screaming out for love every time they bring another down? Yep, it's the mean-spirited and cruel.

You know, it so easy to love those who are sweet, kind and loving. But, it is so difficult to take "scrooges" under your wing of love. For instance, the other day, I subbed in a school that is struggling with discipline. Needless to say, the kids were out of control. There was one little girl, in particular, who was rude and harbored a despicable attitude. I thought to myself: If we could get rid of her, we'd be have one less problem in this classroom. You probably feel the same about a few people in your office! Now, this girl had caused soooooo many problems during the day, but I stayed on her and you could see a gradual change. I kept telling myself that she didn't know any better, which is probably true. As I was speaking to the class, she came up to hug me. I was so shocked that I just stood there. I allowed her to hug me but I didn't hug her back.  I told her, "Not right now, sweetie."   What?!   What was wrong with me???????  Never, should I have turned this child away. She never blinked an eye, as though she was used to this response. Wow!  How many times has she been turned-away?

How many times have we been despicable and the Lord welcomed us with open arms? We can't count them, for the times are innumerable. I, honestly, can't remember a time that I felt turned-away. In seeking His love, I have felt forgiven and held. Let's look inside our hearts and think back over the times when we may have rejected others.  We may not have been cruel when doing so, but it was still rejection. When we look back, we can look and move forward, knowing that we have a little more understanding of who we are, what we are capable of, and where we need to grow. We need to continue to grow in our struggle to love.  Blessings, Saints!

P.S. When I sub there, again, I'm going to make sure she gets a hug from me.  She won't have to ask!;-)

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