Monday, December 20, 2010

Surrender to Christ

Good Morning Saints!
I hope you had a great weekend. If you were Christmas shopping, I hope you made the best of it--it's a zoo out there!;-) Today, during my daily readings, musings and meditation, one of my lessons in ODB struck a tender cord: Do I surrender to God the same way Mary surrendered to Him? I would have to say that this is my daily plan but there are times when I fall short.Why? I start to second-guess His plans. For instance, I begin to wonder if it was His plan or my plan; should I stay where I am or move forward; do I do this or do that---go here or there; why or why not...and the list of doubt continues. Now, this is not everyday, but it does happen. It happens to all of us. What can we do? We can reposition our thoughts on His Word and move forward. The Holy Spirit willingly works through us if we will just "surrender" to His Will. So, when I start to worry about my faith or lack of it--my direction or lack of it, I know that this is a time to flip the negative and confusing thoughts to positive and focused, read His Word, step out in faith and keep moving forward.  God will build the bridge if we are willing to cross it.  Just surrender! Blessings!

    Scripture for the Day

Luke 1:38 (ESV)
38 And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

Craft of the Day

This is one of my original framed prayers.  I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind creations for my clients. I've used decorative papers, 110 lb card stock and a wooden frame for this particular framed prayer art. Here is the actual prayer:

Thank You, Lord…
 Psalm 136:1
Give thanks to the Lord,
 for He is good.
 His love endures forever.
Our roads have been rough
But You paved a path.
The days have been dark
But You sent Your Light.
The tears have been many
But You wiped our weeping eyes.
The words have been unkind
 But You guarded our hearts.
Thank you, Lord, for carrying us…
When we, stubbornly,
took the wrong road…
When we refused to see the Light…
When we would not allow
You to dry our tears…
When we uttered unkind words… Amen.
~prayer notes~

Blessings and thank you for stopping by!
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