Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking Time to Enjoy Life

Good Morning Saints,
I hope you had a chance to "take a new look" at the world around you, yesterday.  It is truly beautiful when we take the time notice the wonders our Lord has created for our enjoyment. today's topic, "Taking time to Enjoy Life," is a continuation of the "window shopping" theme. In today's world, we have to consciously take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We are of a culture that looks down on too much enjoyment.  Everything is about working and achieving more than the next person.  Well, this can be a pretty shallow existence, leaving us empty and unfulfilled.  We must find meaning in our daily living and interactions. What are some of the things that you take for granted that you should be enjoying?  I can think of many:

  1. The sound of a child's laughter
  2. The rustling of the leaves
  3. The feel of the sun as it warms my skin
  4. The sweet melody of birds chirping...
There are so many things to be thankful for and to enjoy.  These are occurrences that we do not have to pay for--they are ours for the asking or listening.  Let's enjoy life.  It's ours--His gift to our weary souls. 

Psalm 69:30 

  I will praise God’s name in song 
   and glorify him with thanksgiving.

Let's Praise! Take the time to listen or view this cut by J. Moss!

Craft(s) for the Day
Just a few of my handcrafted bookmarks! I hope you enjoy the prayer.  It's from my personal prayer journal. Blessings!

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