Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walking and Talking

Good Morning Saints!
I hope you enjoyed listening to the recording "Goin' Up Yonder," by that talented young woman. I thought she was great. We'll probably see more of her, soon! Today, I want to discuss walking and talking with the Lord. As Christians, we profess to believe in the Lord. What does this really mean? To me, it means that the ways of the Lord should permeate every part of my human life. Now, I did not come this recognition until later in my adult walk with the Lord.  I had to go through a few tough and demoralizing situations in the workplace to get to where I am now. In retrospect, I'm glad I went through these situations, but while I was going through them, I wondered, "Why me?" And still, I'm lacking in my walk and always will lack:  It's just a part of the journey.  But, I will run this race and look to Heaven. As I consciously grow my faith, I realize that He must rule my thoughts, desires, likes, dislikes.... In this recognition and welcoming, my life takes on a whole different meaning. I see people and situations in a different light. Communing with the Lord is my greatest desire. My talking and walking with the One is quiet, sacred, personal, and oh, so sweet. Let's grow closer to Him by choosing a "special time" during the day to shut everyone and everything out of our lives except our communing with the Lord. You will find that it is "the sweetest part of your day."  Blessings!

Craft for the Day

 I wrote this prayer while going through a rough storm in the workplace. 

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