Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Heart Can See Your Color, If I Love You

Good Morning Saints!
I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post. Today, the discussion is the same but from a different angle. Early-on, in the 80's and 90's, we all thought being colorblind was the way to go. And, it probably was for that time. Today, we are more curious about different behaviors and viewpoints...more apt to make our own assessments of our friends, co-workers and neighbors. and, for the most part, more accepting of people....for the most part. There are still "hairy alligators" out there on every side of the skin color spectrum who are extremist and desire to destroy those who do not look like, think like, believe like, and worship like they do. 

The people we talk to and our online friends may be from a different part of the world and have different skin colors, beliefs, religions and cultures. The world is opening-up! I like to call it, "blooming." Guess what? It's okay to have a friend, spouse, co-worker who is "different" than you or your relatives. Although we would like to think it was okay years ago, too, there was still a lot of fear of retribution. Hey, it's still there, today, but not in the same way. But, it's there, lurking in dark corners waiting for the narcissistic, lost, cast-out, rejected or hurting souls. That's why we, as believers, must use our talents and strengths to reach those who are marginalized, as their perception is their reality. 

Today, as we notice the differences of our brothers and sisters of the world, we are more able to celebrate and accept those differences. So, on the flip side of  "My Heart Can't See Your Color, If You Love Me," we have "My Heart Can See Your Color, If You Love Me." It's all in your perspective: Your skin color/ethnicity doesn't matter and/or your skin color/ethnicity is a celebration. Saints, let's continue to allow our hearts to be over-filled with joy and love for our brothers and sisters, to the point that we are colorblind AND color-conscious, embracing, celebrating and lifting each other. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands! Blessings!

Scripture for the Day
 Job 26:7-9, 11-14
"He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing. He wraps up the waters in his clouds, yet the clouds do not burst under their weight. He covers the face of the full moon, spreading his clouds over it. The pillars of the heavens quake, aghast at his rebuke. By his power he churned up the sea.... By his breath the skies become fair.... And these are but the outer fringe of his works; how faint the whisper we hear of him! How then can we understand the thunder of his power?"

Music for the Day: 3 Videos!!!
(He's Got the Whole World in His Hands)
originally written by Obie Philpot, a Cherokee Indian

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