Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Heart Can't See Your Color, If I Love You

Morning Saints!
Today, I want to discuss skin color. Yep, it's a touchy subject. But, I'm going to do it, anyway. Have you ever noticed that when you really care for someone, their skin color sorta' disappears? This happens with the love of a friend, spouse, child, neighbor, or someone you respect. They may say or do things that we don't like, but their okay because we love them. What if we could say that more often? What if we could love people more? What if we could forgive each other more? There are a lot of "what-ifs" that we can actively put into action, today. Let's consciously go about our day, looking at the people we work with, live with, and go to school with. Do we treat them differently because of their skin color? For instance, do we make allowances for them because they don't "get it"? Do we ignore them because they are too different? Do we stay away from them because they are too ethnic(our same ethnicity or not)? Oh yeah, we stay away from those that have the same skin color, too! Why? Do we welcome them because they think like us? Do we smile at them because we want them to feel like they are "okay"? Now, it's not so much "what" we do, but "why" we are doing it. We should smile at/with others, but let's look closely at "why" we are doing it. 

I have many friends of different skin colors and ethnic backgrounds and I can honestly say that I am more comfortable with some than others? Why? Our differences and similarities. Yep! And, I'm open to telling them, too. This helps both of us to grow(I only do this with people I feel close to or want to feel close to, which has not always been rewarding).  Look around you and figure out who you are comfortable with and why or why not. Take a look at that skin and measure the degree in which it plays a role. For some, it may be a big factor. For others, it may be less of a factor. No matter what your conclusion, try to get a better view of who you are and how you see those around you. That's the only way our behaviors change and our hearts expand. Our Lord desires that we love each other as we love ourselves. And, believe me, that is a lifelong task, being easier to think and write about than actually put into practice. I'll be the first one to admit it. Be blessed, saints!

P.S. I have been through a great deal of diversity training and am interested in your comments and thoughts. Tomorrow, the topic will be: My Heart CAN See Your Skin Color, If I Love You.

Scripture of the Day
1 John 4:8
He who does not love has not become acquainted with God [does not and never did know Him], for God is love.

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