Friday, January 7, 2011

Tomorrow May Bring Sorrow...Can You Hang?

Good Morning Saints!
This morning, as I meditate on His Word, I am thinking about the many sorrows that follow us in this life. I believe sorrow is a part of our growth, in that we must learn to deal with our sorrow by "handing it over" to God.  Alone, we cannot make ourselves joyful, but we can ask the Lord to shelter our hearts and send us a deep joy that cannot be touched by this world. This is how I have always handled life's sorrows----at least, this is how I handle them after I wallow around in them and realize that I don't have the answer, but God does;-) So let's keep our minds and hearts lifted with His Word and go about our lives loving and lifting others. Oh, and loving others is difficult, as we are filled with ourselves quite a bit, but we can do it with His help. We know that sorrow is lurking around the corner, but we can deal with anything and anyone that comes our way, IF we continue to trust in His Word and not our wisdom. Therefore, I will not look for sorrow, for I know it's there. Instead, I will lift myself up through His Word and in His Presence, concentrating on His Path for my life and I challenge you to do the same. Be blessed and loved, Saints!

Scripture for the Day
New Living Translation (©2007)
Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

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