Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Telling Others About the Great I AM!!!

Good Morning Saints!
Have you thought about reaching out to others and bringing them into the fold? This can be quite intimidating for us, but it's something we have to do, when the time beckons. For me, the opportunity arises when someone wants to know why I am happy or pleased, especially in the midst of chaos. This is my cue to tell them about my Savior. No holds barred! At other times, I seek to live my life as an example for others--man, this is difficult! It's especially difficult when I am not focused on Him, but myself. So, I must stay in constant prayer and supplication. I hope that you, too, will look for opportunities to tell others about the Great I AM. Tell me how you go about telling others about our Lord. We all need to learn from others. Blessings, saints!

Scripture for the Day
Matthew 28:19 
So go and make followers of all people in the world. 

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