Monday, May 30, 2011

The Power in You Through the Lord

Good Morning Saints!
Today, many people have the holiday off. Here, in Denver, the temperature is nice---a sweet taste of summer! My flowers are finally blooming, slowly, but steadily. This morning, my heart rests upon the power the Lord allows us, in order to plant the Seed of Life within others. I believe that we are given a great amount of God-given power to open the door to His Kingdom for other brothers and sisters. This power is not something that we can see--it's a feeling a "knowing," but very real, all the same.  Remember when Silas and Paul prayed, after being thrown into prison(Acts 16:23-26)?  The earth shook, loosening their shackles and opening the prison doors. The Bible tells us that this was the Presence of the Lord!  What a wonderful and Awesome Power! 

Have you ever been in the midst of trouble or turmoil with no where to run, no where to hide and, all of a sudden, you are rescued? I have! I'm a living testimony to the power of the Lord when we bow down and place our situation in His hands. He delivers--we must believe! It is up to us, to enter into prayer, praise, His Word and meditation, in order to understand, accept and act upon the Will of the Lord. All He asks is that we come to Him--believe in Him--walk with Him--Be with Him--so little is asked of us.

I try to walk with the Lord every day, all day, and I must admit, it takes a "conscious heart" to stay on His path. At times, the temptations are many and look so much more lucrative than what the Lord has placed before me. I may stray, but my eyes are opened and what I thought was so much better, before, turns to fodder before my eyes. So, saints, stay on His path--it's righteous and paved especially for you. May you stay blessed and in His capable arms, using the power allowed to you, to help yourself and others into His Kingdom. 

Scripture for the Day

Matthew 18:20 (New International Version)

"...For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

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