Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Casting the First Stone

Good Morning Saints!
It's bright and beautiful, here in Denver~ I love the summers, here. They are bright and crisp, instead of humid and muggy;-) But, let me tell you, you can get sunburned in a minute! 

For the past few days, I have been thinking about incidents in my life and in the lives of my family and friends, that have caused stress, pain and heartache. You know, we say we have faith and believe that our Lord is bigger than our problems, but I tend to think it takes "active/living" faith to hold on during stressful times. As I look back over my life, I realize that what I thought was faith and dependence on the Lord, was sometimes(not all of the time) "turning away" from the problem. When I turn away, I don't learn--I just ignore and store-up resentment. Now, I believe we should turn our worries and cares over to the Lord, but I believe He wants us to endure, learn and grow stronger in our faith and walk during our trials. We cannot handle our problems, efficiently, alone. 

Many times, I have thrown "stones" when I felt threatened or hurt. And, believe-you-me, they have been the biggest, heaviest and sharpest stones I could find. I'm not proud of this! Who can be proud of hurting another just as badly as they have hurt you? Who can be proud of throwing stone-for-stone? Who can be proud of casting any stone?  If we all had a pile of stones in front of us, to use whenever someone hurt us, we would all be stoned to death. Yep! Every single one of us--the good, the bad, the indifferent--because we have all hurt someone, in thought, word or deed, even if we were unaware or didn't "mean it like that." As I have grown more active in my faith and walk, I've noticed that, more often than not, I will pick up a nice perfect stone, rub it, toss it around in my hands, get a good feel for it, sigh, pray, ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance, and put it back in the pile. Whew! Almost threw that puppy, but decided to "LISTEN," instead. This "going-through" has saved me and others from ignorant and needless turmoil. Yes, I have let them know that I wanted to stone them, which has opened up a purposeful, meaningful and much-needed dialogue. You see, vengeance is not ours(Romans 12:19). If anything is to be avenged, it should be done by the Lord, not us! We just get too excited and start throwing stones everywhere!

So, saints, let's make sure, as we grow in our faith and follow His Path more closely, that we try to become passers-by of the stone piles, instead of gatherers. Oh, it will be difficult, at times, but that's why Jesus died for us, that we would be covered/forgiven and have the strength to overcome our trials--with scars, but more faith and love. Let's help others to see that throwing stones hurts everyone--even those just walking by.  Our stone-throwing leaves bruises on others and burns on our fingers. Blessings, saints!

19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] says the Lord.

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