Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Chance to Testify! Let's Raise the Roof!

Good Morning Saints!
Oh, am I busy! The Lord has blessed me with a great deal of orders from my shops on Etsy and EBay, as well as my local customers, here, in Denver. Yes, I have prayed and asked Him for help with my new business. I am spreading The Good News and inspirational words/sayings through my paper arts.  Am I blessed in what I do? YES!  We are all blessed to be able to give of ourselves, to others. Your giving may be through your writing, art, spoken words or humble spirit, to name a few manifestations. Just remember to give something back every single day and you will feel a difference in your outlook on life.

I am so thankful and ready to receive His blessings!! Although helping my business is a small "thing" to ask for, my God is blessing me and I am sending Him the sweet incense of my prayers and thankfulness, awaiting His instructions for my next steps. Yep, I'll stay still until I feel the Holy Spirit move upon my mind, body and soul. If that means no work in my art studio, then so be it. I may become antsy, but I know that my work will amount to nothing in His Eyes, until I wait for His guidance. I try never to cease in my prayer and thanksgiving, as He is worthy and it is my PRIVILEGE to praise Him. How many of you feel blessed and loved? I want to hear from you! Let's raise our thanks and testimonies up to Him by testifying to each other. We need each other! You know, the Bible says that our thanks and prayers are as a sweet incense to our Lord. Let's send it up to Him, saints! Send me your testimonies and blessings. Let's go with the thanks!

Scripture for the Day
Psalm 141:2
Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.

Music for the Day(Great praise song!)

Craft for the Day(Wooden Door Hangers/Wall Art)                                                                             (One of door hangers for little girls' doors or walls. 
This one is dark skin, but the last photo shows
the light skin version that can be added, also.) Blessings!

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