Friday, June 17, 2011

Staying Positive!

Good Morning, Saints!
It's another beautiful day, here, in Denver. I hope to get out into my flower gardens this evening, after working in my studio. I have quite a few local orders and need to get going! Actually, I was working before I came upstairs to write my blog entry:-)

This morning, my heart sits on "staying positive." Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep a skip in your step, a blossom in your mouth and a smile on your face. Many times, people will remark about how positive and cheerful I am.... Well, let me set the record straight: That is not the case, every day. Just like everyone else in this world, I become bothered and down. Tragedy comes my way and sorrow seeps in. However, the harder the trial, the deeper the prayers--that's a spiritual motto I try to adhere to, in times of sadness. I am confident that our Father knows the deepest pain, secrets and regrets that are harbored within our hearts. He loves us and is always ready for us to come to Him for shelter and endurance. So, when you see me smiling, it's because I have taken my cares, worries and sorrows to the Lord, in prayer. That smile is not of me; it is of the Holy Spirit that my Lord has sent to comfort me. He will send it if we ask. The key word here is, "ASK." You can't take care of your life all by yourself! You can try, but when the flood gates open, you better watch out! So, stay steeped in His Word and in His Arms, and He will rejuvenate the skip in your step, the blossom in your mouth, and the smile on your face! Blessings, saints!

Scripture for the Day
“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.” 

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Craft for the Day(Coasters-just finished!)

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