Friday, November 4, 2011

Take the Time to Study the Obstacle

Happy Friday, Saints!
I'm tired and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Of course, I absolutely love creating new bookmarks, coasters, etc., for my Etsy shop, but I tend to over-work. So, it's time for a break and my blog is the perfect place for me to unwind and write. Lately, I have felt as though I am swimming against the tide.... As I go about my days staying close to my Father, obstacles(more like boulders) seem to fall on me or in my path. Sometimes, I just take a seat and stare at the obstacle. What am I waiting for? Strength! When you run into a brick wall, it's good to think before backing-up and running into it, again. Yes, this is easier said than done, in a society where there's the "Need-for-Speed."

Now, we all have obstacles thrown in our paths, as we strive to build our faith. The key is to wait on the Lord and ask for patience and strength during the trial.  It seems to me, the more you strive for greater faith and recognize the greatness of our Lord, the more the devil starts to tap-dance on your heart. In the past, I would have thought that my lack of faith is the reason for the devil's dance. But, as I read, reread and study His Word, my thoughts have begun to take a new turn. You see, our work is important to the Lord. He loves us and has gifted each one of  us with special gifts that spread His Word. The spreading of The Word fosters love and care, making this world a more tolerance place. And, this is where the tap-dancing comes in. For, why would Satan stay still and allow you to go about your way without hindrances? He won't! If a way can be found to thwart our efforts, he will find it. Hence, I tend to sit still and study the obstacle in front of me. Is it big, small, easy-to-move, sharp...? What is it that the Lord would have me learn, as I go through this trial? I believe that every trial can be a learning experience if we hold tightly to the Master's hand. Yes, there will be thorns and briar patches, but, as I've said before, the Lord has the balm to soothe our pain. 

And saints, you know what? After much thought, prayer, meditation, and listening, I am finding that I can leap over, swim through, knock out, or sail right by that obstacle.  I might get some bruises, but I harbor a deep joy, knowing that my soul sits safely in the crook of my Father's Arm and the balm for my pain is contained in His Holy Hand. Go ahead, and move forward through your trials, growing stronger and more wise in your faith. Hold on to the Father's Hand, saints, because He is your only "Sure" Light at the end of the trial. Leap,swim, box and sail saints! 

Nehemiah 8:10
Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.


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